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playboy mommy

hehe i forgot i had this thing. lol. i love kelley :)

me and rosa are fighting, because i am right and she is wrong. seriously.

tom should call me soon.

me and matt went on a really long walk today. tom was out with steve and chris, and i was really bored. so matt came over, and we were trying to find something to do. he wanted to go to james marhover's apartment (or however you spell that last name), but he mentioned on the way there that sean lived with him so we didn't go, cuz sean is ichy and scary. and matt wanted to go to chris' so we went there and did like nothing, then we went to toms, but tom was at steak and shake, so we were walking back to my house, but then it was raining, so we went back to toms, and used toms phone, and got a ride back to my house. and he left and here i am. bored.

again i heart kelley :) lol
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